Integration options

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

The Match My Sound™ teacher/student/parent platform and our games use LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) to connect with other learning systems. It is a powerful and seamless way of building educational products.

Moodle Plugin

Moodle is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems and Match My Sound™ has a dedicated plugin for it. This allows to create interactive courses where participants are assessed automatically and their results are recorded. The students’ results can be used to do many interesting things that have not been available before:

  • Restricting access to certain content when a particular piece of music is/is not performed at certain level. An example: a student cannot access Lesson 2 when he/she has not completed Lesson 1 musical assignments with the specified goals.
  • Visualizing the progress of students based on their musical achievements
  • Tracking the usage of the Match My Sound content to understand how the content performs. An example: See where your MOOC students get stuck and need help. Reorganize your content based on the students’ musical results to provide them a perfect learning path.

Contact us and we will provide you an access to a working Moodle instance where the Match My Sound plugin is installed.

Embed code

A piece of music that is in Match My Sound™ format can be displayed on any web page by inserting three lines of code into the HTML source. The result will be a fully functional embedded Match My Sound™ element:


Contact us and describe your plans or existing business so we can recommend a solution that suits best. If you send us some sample content (see the file formats that we expect) then we can process it and make a fully functional demo for you to test how your content looks and works in the Match My Sound format™. The demo will be free of charge. Depending on your business model and use case, the final price of our license may or may not include the following items:

  • Technical development
    • Building things that deviate from our stock products
    • Integration help
    • Tech support
  • Design
    • Graphic design
    • Product design
  • License fee
    • Per user/sale/subscription/ etc
  • Recoupable advance payment

Contact us!

If you think that music synchronization, automatic score following and page turning could enhance your product please leave us your contact and we will get in touch.