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Introducing MatchMySound

We are a music edtech company proud to feature accurate and engaging guided feedback for all instruments, including guitar, piano, and voice! Our unique note-by-note matching algorithm makes practice productive and learning easier and faster. MatchMySound is proud to power some of the biggest names in the music industry:

Music lesson programs use MatchMySound as their perfect solution for engagement, insight, and retention. Teachers and their learners enjoy an interactive guided practice experience that bridges the gap between private lessons and home practice.

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teacher-learner interactions

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E-Books that Listen to You Perform & Give You Instant Feedback!

MatchMySound innovates accurate and engaging guided feedback for all pitch-based instruments, including guitar, piano, and voice.

Our integration with Faber Music digital books enables music makers to enjoy an unmatched interactive learning experience while they play and sing along to the music they love most!

Top Faber Music Books Feature MatchMySound

Faber Music has already integrated MatchMySound technology with top music books and are introducing musicians to this brand-new interactive learning experience, one book at a time!